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We provide Certified Energy Advisor services to help achieve a variety of your projects targets. We can establish EnerGuide Ratings and Net Zero certifications, as well as provide energy modeling and project consultations for Built Green programs.  We can also provide BC Building Code Energy Step Code Compliance reporting for Building Officials.

EnerGuide Ratings are designed to help Canadians become energy literate by defining the amount of energy that is used in their buildings, where this energy is being used, and by what building systems.  EnerGuide is a basis for both Net Zero and Built Green certifications, as well as a compliance option for the BC Building Code Energy Step Code.

Whether you need an EnerGuide Rating for your new building, want to increase energy efficiency through renovations, or are building from the ground up, we provide a range of service packages for your project. These include home energy evaluations, energy models, blower door testing and client consultation services. We provide a variety of design phase, mid-construction, and post-construction services catered to your individual project and your individual needs.

We are here to make the process easy, to help you feel confident in understanding how your building performs and to advise in the decision making to help you reach your goals.

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