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It's Never Too Early to Plan Ahead!

Step 1 for any project is to make a plan. All experienced project managers know that a good plan is key to project success. It allows you to engage sub contractors at the right time (which in this building market is imperative since trades are being booked well in advance).

But have you had to work with an energy advisor before? For many builders, designers and homeowners, this is a brand new hoop to jump through for BC Building Code compliance. You will get the greatest benefit by engaging your energy advisor early on. For best results, we recommend doing this during design phase, especially if your project has performance requirements.

Seriously though.

If you just went through a re-zoning and are required to meet a level of the Step Code or you are building in a jurisdiction that has already adopted Step Code level 2 or up - engage an energy advisor early on. We can't stress enough how the input from a certified energy advisor can save your a$$ when it comes to your final blower door test and energy model. An energy advisor can give you insightful information on how to reach the Step Code criteria easily and affordably by making small changes early on. This will prevent expensive remediation and dreaded delays at project completion, if the energy use and air tightness requirements are not met.

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